Whether your interest in Wollaston is intended to afford you leisure time with friends, provide an impressive setting for entertaining business associates or to develop your golf skills, Wollaston provides an inviting environment for it all.

Wollaston offers individual Social and Golf Membership opportunities, available beginning at age 18. Select categories of our Golf Memberships offer the Member the additional amenity to sign his/her family up for Family Golf. Family Golf is available for spouses and children under age 22.

In order to be considered for Membership, applicants must obtain (2) Wollaston Charter Sustaining Member Sponsors (that have been Charter Members for at least 3 years) and provide (3) Letters of Recommendation (preferably from Wollaston Members).  For further information on applying for Membership and to discuss our current available Membership Opportunities, please fill out the form below or call our Membership Liaison, Nikki Gulla, at 617.698.0800 x103.

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